I'd betcha a few clams she loves Rage
A reader named Jared sent us a link to the grainy, yet totally amazing video that follows after the jump, and let me tell you — if you are a Rage Against the Machine fan, this video is a must-see.

Purportedly, the footage is being touted as Rage Against The Machine’s first ever live show, but that can’t be true. According to legend, Rage gave their first public performance in Orange County, California, at the house party of a friend of bassist Tim Commerford.

The footage — which runs more than 50 minutes — was recorded on October 23, 1991, during the band’s set in The Quad at Cal State Northridge in Northridge, California. Some of the songs sound rough, but you will recognize tracks like “Bullet In The Head,” “Take The Power Back,” “Know Your Enemy,” and “Freedom” right away. Enjoy…all 50-plus minutes of it. The video is actually amazing.

Entertainment Video: One Of Rage Against The Machine’s First Shows