I often refer to myself on this site as your old Uncle Chris. Sorry if that comes across as creepy, but that’s who I am. I am everybody’s uncle. For instance, last night, my very best friend Sean came to visit with his son, who is 3. Sweetest kid ever, and the kid has such a good sense of balance. If you’re in a big fucking hurry to see a band fight with security guards, head to the end of this post.

Anyways, so, when Sean and his son had to leave, the little guy didn’t want to leave Uncle Chris’ pad. Why? Because kids love me; I fucking rule. Yet, I am the one child-less dude I know who is around the same age as me. But I tell you; kids dig me. My niece, my cousin’s kids — kids and dogs love me. Now if only Kate Upton had the brain of a dog.

I don’t know that I will ever have kids of my own, but I do know this: that band letlive. (and by the way, I hate that name with a passion) don’t take shit from security guards. And Uncle Chris don’t take shit from nobody.

An altercation erupted between letlive. and the local security at the band’s Louisville, Kentucky, show earlier this month, and now, video has finally surfaced.

The scrap is said to have started as a result of event security roughing up a stage diving fan, causing the band (and members of Stray From The Path, it seems) to cut its set and come to the fan’s rescue. Here is that video.

Entertainment Video: Letlive., Security Guards Throw Down At Kentucky Gig