Devin Townsend
Say what?

That’s right, you sensual fucks. Devin Townsend is working on a new box set that will basically include all of the Devin Towsend Project albums.

Hevy Devy announced this news in a series of Facebook posts.

“Working on this monumental box-set,” reads the first post. “Hoping that in a year or so the work-load will calm down…too much for too long.”

He went into more detail about what fans can expect. “As crazy as it has been though, this box set is the culmination of the whole project. Been an unbelievable 5 years. Sifting through it all…”

I am guessing that means there will be some unheard material from the sessions, that didn’t make those four albums — Ki, Addicted, Ghost, and Deconstruction.

“80 page hardcover book, 8 discs, special versions, no holds barred in terms of quality etc… sick, immense project involving everyone here,” Devin later posted.

Fuck, man. What can I say? This is rad. Good news, is what that is. Meanwhile, Devin continues work on his next release, Epicloud.

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