I hope it shits all over his fucking house
Holy shit, talk about a lot of money for a small ball of fluff!

People magazine claims Ozzy Osbourne and his misses, Sharon Osbourne, have a new dog they paid $10,000 for.

Imagine what $10,000 could do for you. Imagine. The problems you could make go away, the hookers and blow you could buy. Yeah, well, that’s what they spent on a fucking dog.

In a world where shelters are flooded with animals no one wants, the Osbournes paid $10,000 for that. I know Vision of Disorder didn’t even make that on Ozzfest. No way they did. In fact, they may have paid the Osbournes that much to be on the fucking thing.

Ozzy bid on the dog — and won — during a live auction at the 13th annual Design Care, an event that benefits the HollyRod Foundation, which provides financial assistance to people dealing with autism. The bidding started at $5,000, but Ozzy continued to outbid everyone in the room, and the auction eventually ended with the singer’s final offer of $10,000.

Entertainment Ozzy Osbourne Spends More For Dog Than Bands Earned On Ozzfest