I need this
Yes, you read that correctly.

Over at Play.com, they’ve listed a pre-order deal for Opeth’s forthcoming album Heritage that includes a 5.1 mix of the album and making-of documentary.

It also comes with a download card for two bonus tracks: “Pyre” and “Face In the Snow.” The special edition also boasts that special commemorative Opeth coin, to add to the Twin Towers and New York Yankees commemorative coins you keep on your mantel.

I need that coin. I will carry it with me, in my pocket, always. It will bring me good luck, probably.

Opeth will release their new album, Heritage, on September 20 in North America — and one day earlier every where else in the world.

Heritage was produced by the band’s mainman Mikael Åkerfeldt and was recorded earlier this year at Atlantis studios (formerly Metronome studios) in Stockholm.

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