Portal of Sorrow, the final album from one-man ambient black metal band Xasthur, will be in stores before the end of the month through Germany’s Viva Hate Records and CM Distribution.

I just got a download of it, but have yet to listen to it. But will in due time.

I’ve always been a fan, since way back in 2002, but Xasthur’s been done — as a “band” — since late last year. This is the final album, kids…until there’s the inevitable reunion for “the money.”

If you’ve never heard Xasthur before, we’ve posted some videos after the jump, to clue you in and learn you real good. In addition to Portal of Sorrow, Viva Hate will also be presenting the album as a limited edition box set available exclusively through CMDistribution. Fans can purchase the release (limited to 500 Black Box copies) here.

Entertainment Xasthur’s Final Album Coming July 26