Christine Martin loves Cerebral Bore
This is a fucking crazy story. Turns out two members of Scottish death metal band Cerebral Bore were mistakenly arrested in New York City, where police were searching for a man responsible for mass murder at a drug store.

Cerebral Bore was out celebrating the end of their tour when guitarist Paul McGuire and bassist Kyle Rutherford went to a drug store in the early morning hours. Although the store’s doors were open and the lights were on, it appeared that it was not officially open for business as an alarm went off, so the band members left and went to another store down the road.

As they were leaving, a number of NYPD squad cars surrounded them and they were thrown to the ground by police officers and arrested at gunpoint. Both were charged with criminal trespass, larceny, burglary and criminal possession of stolen property.

McGuire and Rutherford spent the next 36 hours being moved between crowded jail cells and witnessing violence and intimidation from the other inmates. The real drug store killer was later arrested and, following a court appearance, all charges were dropped against the pair. They were eventually released with a “Sorry.”

“Our latest trip to the US was possibly the most fun we’ve ever had on tour,” said McGuire. “The shows were great and the hospitality shown throughout the tour was second to none! Besides the problems that occurred in New York at the end, the tour went without incident and was smooth as could be! Fresh off the plane from Cancun, still celebrating three blinding shows in Mexico, we were hours away from boarding the plane home when we had our run-in with the NYPD in Brooklyn on the last morning.

“It was a hell of an ordeal, but it has only made me more eager to get Cerebral Bore back to the U.S., considering how long we went thinking that we may never get to tour the U.S. again! But we are home now and gearing up for the second part of the year, and getting ready for our upcoming appearance at Bloodstock, as well as the trips to India and Ukraine, and a solid batch of work on album number two!”

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