Jonathan Davis
Wait. I thought Jonathan Davis of Korn was working on a solo studio album.

Who the fuck wants live versions of songs no one knows? I always figured releasing a live album was something you did after you released an actual studio record. Live albums sucks in general, but a live album with songs you’ve never heard studio-tracked versions of? That just sounds dumb to me.

Yet, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has announced his plans to release a solo effort called Live At The Union Chapel on August 16. The release will be a CD/DVD package containing a 2008 performance in London from Jonathan Davis and his SFA project.

Why doesn’t he just come out with a best-of album first? Seems this dude is doing things backwards. He’s been talking about releasing a solo album for fucking ten years now, and instead of hitting the studio and tracking the fucker, he’s been playing live shows. Now, there’s going to be a live album?

I just don’t understand that move.

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