HellYeah's Vinnie Paul
Just so no one’s confused, I think HellYeah is maybe the worst band going. Phenomenal musicians? Yes. But together, they sound like poop. I’m not kidding. Individually, I don’t mind these dudes. But when they come together like Voltron, the result is nothing less than aural diarrhea

HellYeah is just awful. I’d rather listen to the sound of my own testicles popping into oblivion under the pressure of Kate Upton’s imposing, closing jaw. Their name sucks, their music sucks, and their attitude sucks.

Unfortunately, HellYeah have no idea how bad they suck, so they’ve been demoing instrumental versions of 11 new songs for their forthcoming third album. The group states via Twitter, “Just got done listening to all the songs. You guys [are] in for a surprise! HellYeah!”

What kind of surprise? The screams of “Happy Birthday” when you walk into the party you didn’t know was being planned for you, or the doctor telling you you’ve got cancer or AIDS.

HellYeah should change their name to Chipping Away At Vinnie Paul’s Unblemished Legacy One Note At A Time. That would be a much better band name.

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