Not the most up-to-date Warbringer
That’s right — Los Angeles thrash outfit Warbringer have completed work on their third album, Worlds Torn Asunder. I happen to love the word “asunder.” I used to make it a point to get that word into a story at least once a week when I was a young reporter.

The new album will be out this coming September through Century Media Records. The CD was produced by Steve Evetts (who has worked with Hatebreed and The Dillinger Escape Plan) and marks the recording debut of the band’s new drummer, Carlos Cruz, who “had a lot of input into the new material,” a press release says.

“With this record, we were trying to do two things — to make something that progressed in new directions from our previous work, but also to keep all the speed and intensity at the forefront,” says frontman John Kevill. “I really think we’ve pulled that off with this record.

“We have a great and diverse batch of songs,” says Kevill. “Musically I think we have songs on this record that move forward from the styles of both our previous records, and some that go in completely new directions that the band has never done before. We are really excited to put this record out. We are really trying to raise the bar with this one.”

The disc boasts ten songs, with one instrumental. Some of the tracks making the final cut include “Living Weapon,” “Shattered Like Glass,” “Wake Up… Destroy,” “Future Ages Gone,” “Savagery,” “Treacherous Tongue,” and “Demonic Ecstasy.”

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