I want that on the wall of my 'smoking room,' only without the Limp Bizkit logo
I’m glad to see Limp Bizkit picked up right where they left off. So many bands go away, and then come back, and their sound is totally changed. But not Limp. Oh no — they’re the same fucking band you made fun of ten years ago.

After the jump, you can hear the title track from Limp Bizkit’s forthcoming album, Gold Cobra. And while I really actually kind of dig some of the music in the song (I mean, Wes Borland is actually a talented dude), that asshole has to go and do his whiny rap-rock bullshit over it.

I can’t believe Limp Bizkit have a new album coming out in less than a month. Truly. What the fuck is happening, people? Watch — it’ll probably sell a fuckton too and end up in the Billboard Top 5.

Gold Cobra will be in stores on June 28 through Interscope. The effort will be released in three separate formats, including a standard edition featuring 13 songs; a digital only deluxe edition, with three additional tracks; and a special deluxe edition featuring 17 songs, that will be available exclusively through Best Buy and Napster.

Gold Cobra – Album Version by indylimpfan

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