Floridian metal act Trivium have set a title for their next album in motherfucking stone: The disc will be called In Waves and drops August 9.

The band’s fifth studio album follows 2008’s Shogun, which was recorded at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with the production/mixing team of Colin Richardson and Martin “Ginge” Ford, along with engineer Carl Bown.

The band released the album’s title track online not too long ago. You can hear that shit right here.

To me, this new song sounds nothing like Metallica. Really. I guess with this new record, they’re going for a more Pantera-esque sound.

At least that’s what “In Waves” sounded like to me at various points. But really, I have to say — it’s maybe my favorite Trivium song, and I just heard it. Maybe I will actually end up liking their next record. Stranger things have happened.

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