Aaron Harris
Former Isis drummer Aaron Harris has provided fans with some information about his new project with his former Isis bandmates, Cliff Meyer and Jeff Caxide.

Over on Harris’ Web site, the dude said that he and Caxide “have also teamed up with Bryant Clifford Meyer on a new band. We demoed two songs last week. So far it’s just the three of us. We’re still deciding whether there will be vocals and other members.”

Great…another fucking instrumental metal band. Just what the world needs. I loved Isis, but — guys, get a singer. Do us all a favor, would ya?

“We have some people in mind that we’d like to get involved, but that’s yet-to-be determined. At any rate we’re really excited about it, and the people we’ve shared it with have enjoyed it, so that’s good! We should have some samples to share soon.”

Harris will also be mixing material from both Pelican and Jakob in the near future, he said.

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