That’s fucked up. And really, this interview Rise Against bassist Joe Principe gave last week to some radio station out in the boonies really proves he doesn’t know shit about shit.

The member of the Chicago “punk” band — who will be playing a show in Los Angeles with Muse and Rage Against The Machine on July 30 — said in an interview on Blabbermouth that Dave Mustaine and Megadeth have not threatened legal action over the title of their latest LP, Endgame. That’s the same title of the 2009 Megadeth LP.

“You know what’s funny?!,” starts Joe. “This kind of goes to show you how many people know about the Megadeth record. It’s like no one…One kid said something, ‘Hey, isn’t that a Megadeth title?’ But other than that, no one knows. I grew up listening to Megadeth, so I was kind of hoping they would have a little bit more current fans these days.”

The interviewer pointed out to this dick that Megadeth’s Endgame has sold 150,000 copies since it was released. “Oh, that’s better than I thought,” he said.

Rise Against’s Endgame dropped March 11, and has already sold 156,000 units. I don’t see that this is a problem. It’s an awful album title, really. No big deal. I do see it as being lame. If they knew Megadeth had an album out with that title, why would they use that same title?!? It takes two seconds to come up with an album title. Here: Yankee Doodle Bang Me. I just thought of that. Off the cuff. It took two seconds.

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