Do you want to hear “Clones,” a brand new song from British melodic death metallers The Soulless (or the Artists Formerly Known As Ignominious Incarceration)?

If you answered yes, head to the end of this post and watch the video we’ve posted. It is of that very song — “Clones” — by that very band — The Soulless (or the Artists Formerly Known As Ignominious Incarceration).

“Clones” comes from the group’s new album, Isolated, which will be in European stores on May 16 and North American ones June 7, through Earache Records.

That there is the artwork for the new disc.

Looks like just another night on Broadway — at “The Lion King” musical. But it probably has some sort of deep, profound meaning, knowing Ignominious Incarceration.

“We chose Ryohei Hase for our artwork,” said the band’s frontman Andy Wardle. “He did the art for Ignominious Incarceration’s album and although we wanted something quite different, we know he does an awesome job. The guy on the front is supposed to be hung up as an outcast from society. He is isolated, which ties in with the album title and lyrical themes within. We are really happy with the bleak colors and the overall look.”

Well alrighty then, chappy.

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