Tim Lambesis
When As I Lay Dying first came out, I thought they were the second coming. This is ten years ago, when they first signed to Metal Blade. I heard the band’s name and thought, “How novel? A band named after a Faulkner book.” The music on that first record was solid, and I was a fan.

Since then, I’ve decided As I Lay Dying have hit that innovation wall, and that their music is so-so and not all that inventive or complicated. Not that I could ever play that shit on guitar, but you get what I’m saying.
Now, As I Lay Dying — to celebrate its tenth year — will be releasing something special, according to AILD frontman Tim Lambesis in a new interview.

“Instead of waiting two, three years to do a new full-length album, we’re going to put out something later this year for our tenth anniversary,” Lambesis revealed. “It will be a combination of new songs, cover songs, and a few remixes. We really wanted to do something to celebrate our tenth anniversary so we’re putting together ideas for that. We have three new songs ready to mix.”

By the way, Lambesis is a good dude. Outside of the band, he actually does some good for this world. I won’t get into it here, because I’m not sure how much he wants that publicized, but he’s a good dude. He does good works, as it were. And he’s a nice guy in person, so I don’t really beat up on AILD all that much. Good dudes.

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