Jeff Hanneman
This, according to my pal Jason at The Gauntlet, who was live-blogging through the entire Big 4 performance yesterday in Indio, California — at the site of the annual Coachella Festival.

Jeff Hanneman, of course, has not played with the band for months, as he has been recovering from a spider bite to his arm and has missed two tours.

Slayer has been carrying on, mostly with Exodus’ Gary Holt filling in for Jeff…as he did for much of Slayer’s Big 4 set Saturday.

Cannibal Corpse’s Pat O’Brien has also played some shows with Slayer when Holt was unavailable.

Slayer returned with Jeff after playing their set with Holt, and played two songs: “South of Heaven” and “Angel of Death” for a near-capacity crowd of 50,000. Does this mean Jeff is almost totally recovered from that flesh-eating virus?

Let’s hope and pray, like Dave Mustaine, that he is all better soon.

All of the Big 4 bands — Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer — ended the night with a cover of Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?”

Too bad I couldn’t be there for that. Fuck. If only I could have been there. I love California, I love Slayer, and I love warm weather. I love metal, I love metal chicks…and yet, I was not there. I hope Metallica has the good sense to stage another Big 4 on the East Coast sometime soon.

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