Well, at least now we know it’s a stunt.

From Yahoo:

The real estate mogul has chosen the season finale of his NBC reality show, “The Apprentice” as the venue for announcing his presidential decision, Newsmax reported late Wednesday. The show is set to air May 15. Newsmax reports that Trump will announce plans to hold a press conference to announce his candidacy in the Trump Tower in New York “a few days after” the finale.

Trump had previously stated he would wait until June to make a final decision about about a presidential campaign.

He just couldn’t resist it.

And yet he’s still making noises like he’ll actually run…

This past Monday, Trump yet again slapped down the suggestion this is all a stunt. “I don’t need to do this for ratings on ‘The Apprentice,'” he told the Wall Street Journal. “This is too important. Our country is in trouble. Our country is not being properly led. It needs help.”

By the way, after Trump started flapping his gums, CBS was contacted by his organization…and guess what…

Trump’s organization is now somewhat walking back its claims. Michael D. Cohen, Trump’s special counsel, said this in a just-released statement: “To clarify earlier reports, on the May 22nd Season Finale of Celebrity Apprentice, Mr. Trump may announce the time and place of a press conference at which time he will make a statement as to whether or not he will run for President of the United States.”

Why waste another opportunity to get more press?

More as it develops…

Television Trump May Announce Presidential Intentions On Celebrity Apprentice Finale