Chris Spicuzza
First of all, I didn’t realize Chimaira even had a keyboardist/programmer, but they did. That’s because Chris Spicuzza has officially announced his departure from the band.

He provided a statement to ThePRP, saying he decided to leave the band back in January. “The choice was extremely tough and stewed around in my mind for quite awhile. Many things led to this decision. The situation in Chimaira had ultimately become a negative environment that I had to get out of.”

Then, without further explanation, he explains that, in addition, “the music industry is completely fucked and honestly, I became concerned for my future. The amount of work and stress I took on got the best of me. I guess if you’re not happy or having fun, what’s the point?”

He says that he did not contribute at all to the next Chimaira record. “There is no doubt in my mind that Chimaira’s sound will not suffer minus my presence. The demos I heard showed great potential and I’m sure the album will melt faces. I’m proud to say I was on five Chimaira albums and wish those guys the best.”
According to Spicuzza, he’s gone from the shaky world of music to the gaming field.

“A group of friends and I started up a mobile gaming company. We’re about to launch our first iPhone game. It’s a location based RPG. Think of it as foursquare meets Mafia Wars but full of Zombies. If you’re interested you can follow us on twitter, @irlgaming, or visit”


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