Ray doing his thing
Fuck. I knew this was an ongoing possibility, seeing as Full Blown Chaos Ray Mazzola writes a column for Gun Shy Assassin when he can…but I was hoping it wouldn’t have to be. But Full Blown Chaos have postponed their spring European headlining tour. Now, it won’t happen until October.

Let me just make this observation: Full Blown Chaos are easily one of the best bands with the worst fucking luck — and I’m sure they wouldn’t argue with that statement. I sometimes feel like I should’ve been in this band, because my luck is just as shitty.

Ray said that it was “with deep regret that we must postpone our Spring tour of Europe. It is beyond our control at this time and we are currently rebooking the tour for the fall. We apologize to all of our friends and fans. We will make up this cancellation with a super strong package and more dates than previously booked. A schedule will be posted very soon. Once again, we apologize for rescheduling our tour.”

Look, I don’t often “plug” bands and tell you to support them, but in Full Blown Chaos’ case, I make an exception. These guys are some of the hardest working dudes in metal, and that last album of theirs was a monster. If they’re coming to your town, go see them. If you want to have your ass handed to you musically, check out the band’s new self-titled disc. Or at the very least, if you are a naturally lucky person, send some of that shit their way…and my way.

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