Tom Morello
I have to admit upfront — I have a soft spot for Tom Morello.

Think of him what you will, but while I was at MTV News, I had the chance to interview him numerous times — as a solo artist and part of Audioslave — and he was always a fucking cool, righteous motherfucker.

Plus, I grew up during the 1990s; it was during this decade that I stopped just blindly listening to bands like Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, and Camel because my dad was into ‘em, and discovered my own taste. And dude — I fucking loved Rage Against the Machine, who are believed to be working on new shit.

So, while Tom’s solo work as the Nightwatchman may not be the most metal thing you’ll ever fucking hear, you have to respect Morello and what he can do with a guitar. Tom just inked a deal with New West Records, which will release the third Nightwatchman disc — World Wide Rebel Songs — late this coming summer.

“I’m very excited to be working with New West,” says Tom. “Their commitment to their artists is inspiring and I’m looking forward to fanning the flames of discontent with many Nightwatchman releases under their banner.”

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