And it sounds like Clutch. I mean, Clutch…now that they’re more mature. The song is infectious, to be sure. But at the same time, it seems to go on forever.

Before you start bashing me for my gentle critique of “Box Car Shorty’s Confession” from the forthcoming reissue of Blast Tyrant, let me say that I have been a Clutch fan since the fucking 1990s, so it’s not like I’m a hater. I just don’t think this song is all that awesome. It’s knee-slapping fun and shows Neil’s vocal range. I also understand it’s a cover, but…well, you go listen to it over at Relix and give us your thoughts.

The song appears on the bonus disc that comes with the double-disc edition of Blast Tyrant, which hits stores on April 26.

Called Basket of Eggs, the bonus disc is ten songs of acoustic and unreleased material. But you will only get the extra disc if you order Blast Tyrant through Clutch’s own Weathermaker Music label.

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