HEALTH in their natural environment

Hazy vocals, disco beats, arpeggiating keys — such are the elements of Los Angeles’s HEALTH. If they call themselves noise rock, that’s probably apt. Put this record on for a crowd, and you’ll have half of your listeners saying HEALTH’s making the catchiest and most danceable music they’ve heard in a long time, while the other half tells you it all sounds like noise to them. The truth is that HEALTH may surround their melancholic, otherworldly hooks with layers of noise and volume, but those hooks are there for the taking. All of that songcraft has made them one of the indie world’s most beloved new acts.

In a live setting, the massive beats take center stage even more than on record. Good luck not dancing when they bring their songs to the Rock N Roll Hotel on Saturday, July 24th. Wear comfortable shoes.

HEALTH / Yip Yip / True Womanhood

When: Saturday, July 24th

Doors at 830 PM, Show at 930 PM

Tickets $12

Where: Rock N Roll Hotel

1353 H St NE, Washington DC

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