Chick lit fans should be on high alert. Jennifer Weiner’s new book, Fly Away Home, will be released on July 13.

Weiner, a former Philadelphia Inquirer reporter, has published seven novels including The New York Times bestseller, Good In Bed, and In Her Shoes, which was made into a major motion picture staring Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette.  She will appear at the Philadelphia Central Library on July 14.

Her new book follows the wife and grown daughters of a seasoned politician who is implicated in a sex scandal, and the impact the event has on the women.

In an interview last spring with Speakeasy, The Wall Street Journal blog, Weiner said inspiration for the book came from watching so many political titans fall from sexual misconduct. 

According to Weiner, the book is “about a disgraced politician who gets caught in a sex scandal and about the fallout and what it does to his wife and two children. Every time something like that happened, whether it was John Edwards or Eliot Spitzer or Jim McGreevey, I’d wonder what’s going on in that marriage and family, and what happened after the press conference.”

Although Jane Austen is thought by many to be the first author of chick lit, Weiner and a handful of other writers can be credited with inviting a new wave of readers into the sub-genre.  Chick lit fans are often fiercely loyal despite criticism that the stories feature heroines who are too stuck on looks or material goods.

The converted can wet their appetite and outsiders can see what the fuss is about by visiting Weiner’s website, where the first chapter of Fly Away Home is posted.  

Philadelphians can check her out in person at 7:30 pm on July 13 at the Philadelphia Central Library (1901 Vine Street).

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