The Capitol Steps
DC is hot as hell this week, and the weatherman says we’re just getting started.  How good does a dark, cold room sound, maybe with a cold beer, and definitely with some comic relief to beat the heat?  The Capitol Steps, Tony Woods and the Blanks are making their way through the D.C. area this weekend.  The only people sweating will be the guys under the spotlight, promise.

1. Capitol Steps at The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.

Every Friday and Saturday night, 7:30-9:30pm

$35 ($39 after Ticketmaster charges)

Political satire performed by senate staffers?  D.C., you would.  Capitol Steps players parody the very people they work for, and quite cannily, too.  Check out this city’s one-of-a-kind sketch comedy group this weekend when they record their own radio special (you can be that guy with the distinctive guffaw in the background!  Just kidding, don’t be that guy).

2. The Blanks (AKA “Ted’s Band” from the T.V. show SCRUBS) at Arlington Draft House.

Friday, June 25th, 10pm or Saturday, June 26th, 7:30pm


Perhaps you’ve seen these guys on Scrubs, lurking in the background of Sacred Heart Hospital—singing, beeping, doo-wopping, and “sha-na-na-ing.”  These guys don’t just do A Capella: they boast sketch, fun costume changes and talking toys, too.  Did we mention these are middle-aged men?  Something tells us this is a family-friendly affair.

3.  Tony Woods at DC Improv.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 8pm.


You always get the sense when Woods comes onstage that he’s walking into the principal’s office, shuffling in sheepishly, about to confess his latest misadventure.  He does so with a sort of mischievous, juvenile charm, the same that you know got him into trouble in the first place.  Woods was born in North Carolina and raised in D.C., so show your support for this local class clown at D.C.’s most popular comedy club.


Culture DC Comedy this Weekend 6/24-6/26/2010