Happy International Picnic Day!

What? You’ve never heard of International Picnic Day?

Me either.

My friend Tea, lover of all things picnic, heard about this and racked her brain trying to figure out how she might fit International Picnic day into her busy Friday.

She came up with the brilliant idea of a FlashMob Picnic.

Wait. What’s a Flash Mob, you say?

As far as I can tell, a Flash Mob is a whole lotta silly fun.

Okay, now that we’re all on the same page:  There is going to be a FlashMob Picnic celebrating International Picnic Day TODAY, June 18, noon to 1pm at Gasworks Park, Seattle. "Another View From Gasworks Park by Kai Strandskov"

Details HERE

Bring your lunch, maybe a blanket. Gather at noon with the other people carrying their lunches and blankies.

The forecast calls for sun. However: This is Juneuary in Seattle; be prepared with a rain jacket AND sunglasses. Maybe even socks, which is just wrong, but well, ya know: Seattle.

Word on the street is that there may be babies and dogs involved.

Don’t say you have not been warned.

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