The Black Watch Tartan
The Black Watch Tartan

Are you into Celtic culture? The Celtic Fling & Highland Games aim to entertain traditional enthusiasts as well as fans of modern Celtic culture. If you’re the person that wears a kilt or needs to get your Irish on well past St. Patrick’s Day, think about this event. The Young Dubliners with Eric Rigler and Enter the Haggis headline the Friday night concert and WYSP’s Danny Bonaduce will ‘join fling patrons’ in the caber toss.

I’m assuming this means the muscular man will toss a caber himself and possibly instigate a fight over the outcome. That alone is well worth the ticket fees for the entire weekend.

While I can’t stomach haggis, but many men like to prove their strength and Scottish-ness by consuming the dish (it contains sheep intestines). I tend to encourage the other method: caber toss. Men of husky, hulky and bulky stature lift some large logs and toss them end to end down the field.

Some wear kilts which is a bonus for spectators.

Gates open at 5:30 p.m. on June 26. Click here for full information and radio commercial.

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