I’d like you to meet John. An accomplished producer, blogger, full time recording studio owner, one hell of a photographer, San Francisco music scene icon, and probably the nicest and most down to earth guy you could ever meet. I could go on and on and if you let me I could write an article, series of articles, or novel’s worth of material about how much I respect the guy.

Instead of diving further into my near love affair for him, lets talk about the music shall we?

It’s good…

Really good

John Vanderslice has quietly and carefully crafted some of the best indie pop records of the past decade. He is a master of manipulating vintage synthesizers and bringing out the right sounds at the right times. His latest release Romanian Names (Dead Oceans) was one of my favorites from last year and showcases John’s clever and almost story teller like lyric writing. It’s the perfect summer album. Dive further back into his catalog and you’ll quickly learn how serious of a musician and composer he is. The word underrated doesn’t even come close to describing what a real gift John’s music has been to those fortunate enough to have found him.

Tonight he finishes up his mini northwest tour with a stop at the Tractor Tavern. I’m sad to report that his website has informed me that this will most likely be his last show in the pacific northwest for the rest of the year. On top of that, it’s the last night and opportunity to come out and show your support for Noise for the Needy (which has been a HUGE success).

At John’s last Seattle performance he ordered several pizzas and offered to share it with anyone in the crowd who wanted some after the show. How many artists do you know who create great music while still remaining humble and approachable at the same time? Pizza or no pizza I owe John a huge thanks. Thank you for the last record, thank you for the 5 records before it, thanks for being a great person. Thanks for everything.

John Vanderslice, Karl Blau, and Love Sick at the Tractor Tavern, 5213 Ballard Ave NW, 8PM $15 21+, tickets


Culture John Vanderslice Closes Out Noise for the Needy at the Tractor Tavern