Consider red apples as food and party decorations. Photo: Petr Kratochvil,
Consider red apples as food and party decorations. Photo: Petr Kratochvil,

Are you hoping to go nocturnal in true vampire fashion to see a midnight premiere of Twilight: Eclipse? Coming out on June 30, the latest Twilight movie is bringing in more interested fans by the minute. If you want to dress up for the affair or host a gathering before the big premiere, here are some tips.

The Twilight Vampire Costume Look

Eclipse features many vampires—known and unknown. To get the Twilight vampire look, you can wear your plainclothes—but be sure to give yourself a pale complexion with some powdered foundation. Most importantly, don’t forget the eyes.

Colored contacts’ actual colors vary depending on the eyes behind the lens. ColorMeContacts offers a Twilight contacts selection guide to assist you in selecting the right color.

Twilight Party Ideas

A midnight premiere is pretty late. It’s best to offer guests some food and caffeinated beverages to help them make it through the movie. If you’re short on budget for décor and food, consider some red apples—they can serve as both. You can find apple-themed items off season and on discount at various party stores in the area or buy a bag at the local grocery store.

If you’ve covered the eyes and the apples, don’t forget to keep your guests entertained. Try hosting the following:

  • Twilight book and movie quiz
  • Twilight book discussion
  • Watch Twilight on DVD

When it comes time to go to the premiere, get there early. You should definitely pre-order tickets at the movie theater’s kiosk or online. If you’re attending with friends, it’s important to go early to ensure neighboring seats.

Parking at Philadelphia-area theaters is often limited during premiers for movies like Twilight and Harry Potter (especially in Center City and Cherry Hill). It’s definitely a smart idea to catch a ride there or carpool.

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