Good, cheesy times at the Seattle Cheese Festival
Good, cheesy times at the Seattle Cheese Festival
A grilled cheese sandwich is pretty much an egalitarian menu item. Most people know how to make one and a home cook can grill up just as tasty a sandwich as a gourmet chef can. The Seattle Cheese Festival is holding a contest that can prove this point.

The Grilled Cheese Recipe Contest is searching for the best cook with the best recipe, and the contest is open to both amateurs and professional cooks. The winner will show off their grilled cheese sandwich in a live demo during the festival, and the sandwich will be offered in DeLaurenti’s cafe while the festival is ongoing.

Submit your recipes to by May 1, 2010 to be eligible to win.

From the Seattle Cheese Festival website:

Recipe Guidelines:

  • It must contain a readily available cheese and bread
  • The recipe can contain up to 6 ingredients
  • Include a brief description (75 words or less) of the inspiration for the sandwich

The recipes will be judged based on creative use of cheese, flavor profile and relative ease to make.

So, polish up your best recipe and send it in. Slices of American cheese on Wonder bread aren’t going to cut it here when there are endless possibilities with six ingredients allowed. Personally, I’m partial to every variety of Beecher’s Handmade Cheese grilled cheese sandwiches, the sandwich made at the Skylark Cafe & Club with provolone, and the one I make at home with Dubliner cheese, brie cheese and apricot preserves. It’s like a grilled dessert. What’s your favorite? Do you have to have tomato soup with your grilled cheese? Are you sadly intolerant of dairy foods? (Don’t worry, they make a pill for that.)

The 2010 Seattle Cheese Festival will be held during the weekend of May 15th to the 16th in the Pike Place Market. Registration for some amazing cheese seminars is still open.

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