Well, what was promised last month has now come to pass. Although the members of DC‘s Cassettes are scattered as far away as Sweden, they’ve managed to scrape together a whole heap of unheard material for Writing Analog Letters (A Collection).

As the “on hiatus” steampunk rock and roll band tells it, their 2006 high water mark, ‘Neath The Pale Moon, (released, incidentally, by LA shitalkers-cum-label Buddyhead), was originally intended to be a double album before the idea was scuttled. Songs from those sessions make up the bulk of the new compilations 13 tracks, although fans of frontman Shelby Cinca‘s other band — recently reunited spazzcore greats Frodus — will probably get the biggest kick out of the ‘Settes’ folky cover of the Dillinger Escape Plan‘s “43% Burnt.”

Meanwhile, completists can now take heart in the fact that they practically every song The Cassettes ever recorded is now available…even if the status of the band itself remains in question. (“The future remains a mystery but the scattered vagabonds yet plan and scheme,” reads their press release.)

Although no tangible release seems to be in the cards for DC’s finer record stores, Writing Analog Letters can be had on iTunes or over at Bandcamp for a flat FIVE BUCKS.

Buy it and maybe we’ll hear more. In the meantime, here’s a couple tracks to whet the appetite:

MP3: The Cassettes — “Writing Analog Letters”
MP3: The Cassettes — “Monkeyshine Pantsuit”

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