Instrumental DC punk upsetters, Caverns, are releasing their third EP this month and they’re throwing a party at the city’s best (okay, only) ping-pong-and-pizza bar, Comet, to celebrate. Rad.

In the words of the band, their latest record, We Lied, is “way different than anything we have previously done, and in some ways more complex and challenging, but retain our trademark sound.”

In fact, We Lied promises to be a departure for the now five-year-old act in more ways than one. Two of the tracks — “Arctic Phantoms” and “I. Fight. Vampires.” — will mark the band’s first experimentation with vocals (or at least “vocal melodies”). The record will also feature the band’s first cover song — a new take on Frodus‘ so-called “epic instrumental” “December 21, 2012.”

Caverns’ record release party at Comet Ping Pong is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 19th. Post-punky youngsters Detox Retox and Prisms (self-described as “noisy and beautiful”) open. Tickets are $8. Doors open at 10:30 pm. Find out more on Facebook.

And, while we’re at it, don’t forget to check out Caverns drummer Ross on bass with his other band, Solar Powered Sun Destroyer, when they headline The Rock and Roll Hotel on on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

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