I asked this question just now on my New York Theater Twitter account.
Here were some of the responses:
Jason Breslin (@jasonbres, Huntington, West Virginia): Hell no! Don’t get me wrong, I love Broadway but I wouldn’t miss the Super Bowl for the world!
Adrian Bryan-Brown (@Bubbles2828) Yes, Jets fans and TIVO for commercials and half time show.
Kate (@BeeingMissStar) Sure, I would go to a show. I never watch the Superbowl because I just don’t care. I know that makes me uncool, but eh.
Rose Ginsberg (@MsEnScene) I won’t be at a Broadway show during the Super Bowl, but I will be in rehearsal, with the whole cast. They were ok with it!
Stellah (@stellerooo): I went on Superbowl Sunday a few years ago… much rather be doing there + they told us the score at intermission!
Natalie Chernicoff (@HelloMuchBetter): If I didn’t have to work Superbowl Sunday, I’d totally be seeing something! I don’t do sports.
Carli Entin (@carlient RT): I did a matinee of Les Mis a few years ago and got home for kickoff. I also find July 4 is great for the shows that are open
Nathan Collins (@nmcollins) Yeah right. Superbowl is a holiday. plus all the Broadway shows i want to see don’t open until later this month.
Steve Loucks (@steveonbroadway) Last year, 16 Broadway shows posted week-over-week declines during Super Bowl week. Still, target audiences differ. P.S. I’m heading OFF-Broadway this Super Bowl Sunday for VENUS IN FUR.

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Sports Does anybody go to Broadway during Superbowl Sunday?