Most people under 35 really loved Brittany Murphy’s talents and movies. Whether it was her first big role in Clueless (classic), or 8 Mile or Drop Dead Gorgeous or Girl, Interrupted, she had a varied and impressive list of film roles – with some  yet to be seen.  Her ability for comedy and drama made her a rare talent among the many actresses of her generation.  Unfortunately like many others in movies, her film credits were cut short, passing at the age of 32 on Sunday.

I think her best performance is in Girl, Interrupted. Clueless and Drop Dead Gorgeous are classics (and if you haven’t seen DDG do see it ASAP), and I have many friends that would spend all night arguing that Drop Dead Gorgeous is not only one of the best funny movies of all times but that her role in both films make her of of the funniest of all times.  Her talent in these films added to the many great moments, but for me Girl, Interrupted was her best performance and film.

I think her grand talent lay in her heartbreaking vulnerability, which is no common trait.

In Girl, Interrupted and 8 Mile her lost, vulnerable, broken women showed the cracks we all have with a brutal honesty.  Of course Angelina stole Girl (it’s always the scary one that does), but I say Murphy’s character was the true heartbreaker of the film.

She had parts that made us laugh and cry, made us examine our lives and actions and pains, and feel the joy of song as in Happy Feet.

Like many of her fans I hoped these future films would show her talents, but it seems we have to hope these films are great for more selfish reasons; this is all we have of her work.

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