The traditional headstart to the holiday shopping season is the day after Thanksgiving. Still stuffed from dinner and leftovers, millions head out to shops in the early morning hours to put a dent in their shopping and get deals. Lured by the holiday savings people pour into malls and shopping centers and are met with savings. That’s the way its been for years.

However with the recent economic problems (recent now meaning past 2 years), stores are starting to early-up the day after Thanksgiving shopping sales.  Major retailers Kmart and Walmart started their savings in early November, just after Halloween! Kmart announced ‘better than black friday’ deals and layaway plans.  Layaway has been showing up in many TV ads for the holidays already, with JP Penney getting in on it as well.

While poor Charlie Brown is really searching for the holiday spirit in the midst of all the commercialism,  others are getting in on the savings.

Target is also getting in on the early sales, so check out your local stores as well. With tough times, at least retailers are lowering prices to help make it a nice holiday season. (They are offering free shipping too, check online.)

Oh, and if you love the tradition and area still going to get your day after Thanksgiving shopping on, have at it. But you can be really early and start on Thanksgiving.  Some retailers like Kmart will have stores open on Turkey Day.

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