How will Washington‘s rich and right-wing be closing out the summer of 2010? Why with a seven day cruise through the waters that they one day hope to drill, of course. For the low, low price of six thousand bucks, you too can to join the minds behind the “general, yet Jewish” journal of hard right, neoconservative punditry, Commentary, for a journey into a cold, rogue body: the Bering Sea. (But feel free to insert your own cheap Palin crack here.)

As the preeminent suppliers of the Bush administration’s political raison d’etre trek from Anchorage to Vancouver, Commentary promises that attendees will “enjoy stimulating discussions, speeches, and dinners with some of the most interesting and well-informed people you are ever likely to meet in the most dramatic and gorgeous setting in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Well-informed, indeed. Heading up the Commentary Cruise’s elite roster of culture warriors is none other the magazine’s editor-in-chief and former Reagan speechwriter, John Podhoretz, who is probably most widely known for his 2004 bestseller Bush Country in which christened George W. Bush “the first great leader of the 21st century.”

Sail the seas with neoconservatism's founding father and Presidential Medal of Freedom recepient, Norman Podhoretz (Photo: Susan Walsh/AP)
The Commentary Cruise: An Alaskan cruise with a founding father of father of neoconservatism and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, Norman Podhoretz. (Photo: Susan Walsh/AP)

Also on the docket: attorney Elliott Abrams, a would-be Iran Contra ex-con, if not for the presidential pardon he received from Bush I; self-described “extremely right-wing” British historian, Andrew Roberts; and intelligent design proponent, American slavery apologist and former film critic, Michael Medved, who bit the proverbial hand that fed him with 1992’s Hollywood vs. America: Popular Culture and the War on Traditional Values.

Even with a line-up like that, you can bet your bottom dollar that all aboard the Commentary Cruise’s maiden voyage will be anxiously awaiting their chance to bask in the glow of one man alone: Norman Podhoretz, the 79-year-old father of John and one of the chief architects of neoconservative theory. Though in semi-retirement, Podhoretz will be appearing to talk up his latest opus, Why Are Jews Liberals?, and, one would hope, make his case once again for the bombing of Iran. (For neocons, watching the man himself riff on this topic is tantamount to private performance from the original line-up of Led Zeppelin. Oy.)

To find out all there is to know about the Commentary Cruise (yes, they have yoga classes), check out their website here and for more nitty-gritty on life in the nation’s capital, peruse the CultureMob blog or follow us on Twitter.

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