From now until February 16th, 2009, history’s greatest conqueror sets his sights on Denver.  Explore the story of the Mongolian Empire’s most powerful man, Genghis Khan, including his life, his land, his people, his culture, and his enduring legacy.

While he is famous as the ruthless Mongol warlord who conquered half the known world, Genghis Khan is also revered as an innovative leader and statesman who brought unity, stability, and much more to his people.

This popular family-friendly and highly interactive exhibit contains over 200 spectacular and original artifacts, most of which have never been seen outside of Russia and Mongolia, including gold jewelry and ornaments, silk robes, musical instruments, pottery, sophisticated weaponry, and numerous other fascinating relics and elaborate artifacts.

Ticket Information:
$6/Juniors (3-18)
Students (with ID)
and Seniors (65+)

Show Times:
Monday-Sunday 9:00am-5:30pm

Venue Information:
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
2001 Colorado Boulevard
Denver, CO 80205

For more information, visit the museum website at

Culture Genghis Khan invades the Denver Museum of Nature and Science