There’s a difference between sensationalism and lying…and the above is a lie. The US has known that Iran had a second “secret” nuclear plant since at least 2002-2003.

Here’s more from The Policy Page:

The truth is that Iran only decided to reveal the existence of the uranium enrichment operation to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) when it discovered that at least three countries had already known about the plant for a number of years.

Indeed, the United States not only knew about the facility, our intelligence had already learned that the plant was too small to be used to produce nuclear energy (Iran’s professed purpose for their nuclear program) and would likely only have value for producing nuclear weapons – one to two bombs per year. American intelligence also knew that the plant was about three months from being completed to the point where they could begin operating centrifuges inside the location.

But hey, never let the truth get in the way of an opportunity to bash Obama. That would be bad for business.

Moving on…

Politics Drudge Lies About Iran Nuclear Story