My plan is to post these roundups on the weekends. This week was a little tough as I live in NJ and my Rabbi got into some trouble with the law. I was in charge of Hebrew School all weekend.

Actually, that’s not true. I was visiting friends and swimming in the Hudson River. I didn’t see any three-eyed fish but I’ll let you know how everything works out.

Last week was a busy one. Here’s the roundup (click on the name read the entire thread):

Every newspaper that closes is tragedy that furthers the erosion not only of the public discourse, but the day to day history of a community or region. – gerryf

In other news, I hear that Bernie Maddoff is not really in jail. He is really working under deep cover for the government managing the TARP payback program. – MW

Here’s a thought for my Republican friends: if you don’t want to land in the river, stop tossing geese into the engines. – Michael Reynolds

Easy credit has become a problem. We’re addicted to it. The only cure left will be quite painful: inflation due to a debased dollar will lead to much higher interest rates sooner or later. Becuase the entities that save more than they spend will be the only ones able to grant loans, and they’ll figure out that we have become a terrible risk, and a drag on the system of global productivity.

America borrows to consume while other countries produce and save. We’re like f&*king locusts. – Kranky Kritter

The gas tax seems like a perfect solution–easy to change, hits the biggest abusers hardest and requires no special equipment. If we raised the Federal gas tax to $1 per gallon–still low by European standards–that would raise tons of money which could be used for mass transit or even large rebates for buying new high mileage (> 40mpg) cars. – Jon

Classic case of two wrongs making a really big wrong. Gates mouthed off to the police and the police seemed to want to show they were in charge. Either side could have defused the situation, but neither did. Unfortunately instead of making this a teaching moment about anger management, it has turned into an exercise of blame. – Trescml

What is wrong with requiring an original certified birth certificate as part of the process for becoming a presidential candidate? – Exiled Independent

What’s wrong with it is that original birth certificates are not the property of the person, but of the state, and generally by law cannot be removed from the files of same. The person has no access to them, only to the state’s certification that such a record exists and is in their possession and shows X was born at Y facility on date J to patient Z and the father was reported as being person Q. The state of Hawaii has issued such a certificate for Obama, it has been exmained and verified as having been truly and properly issued and not a fake, and both the state Registrar and the Sec’y of State of Hawaii have publicly confirmed that they have examined the original and it is as reported in the state-issued certificate. – Tully

Have a nice week!

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