People from the 60’s that had all the drugs and lived the hard partying legendary stories that those of us in later generations hear about amaze me.  Especially when they are still alive and performing as witnessed in 60’s rock icon Marianne Faithfull.

Not that I would think Marianne Faithfull would play an esteemed college venue but it is LA.  And Royce Hall is a great space so there you have it.  At 8pm on October 3, she brings her talents to Los Angeles on her world tour, performing songs from her new covers album, Easy Come Easy Go (which, as a matter of interest, or not, I found spelled a variety of ways online.)

Released in late 2008 but recorded in 2007 in New York City, this is Faithfull’s 22nd album (no small feat, especially when you consider her life story and the tough ways of the music business. She is certainly resilient.)  In an age when most songs don’t have a real live sound on them, some of these songs were recorded in a single take, with few overdubs on the album at all.   Meaning that at the show you can expect to hear close to what you hear on the album, how refreshing.

Her latest album has been critical success, as the case was with several others.  And anyway, the woman who inspired some of the best Rolling Stones songs clearly has talent in the muse arena, so why can’t she serve as her own?

Culture Marianne Faithfull, Rock Icon Performs at UCLA Royce Hall Oct. 3