According to Google News, there are currently 223 articles written about this very important subject. CNN, the New York Times, Reuters, AP and even the British rag The Guardian, have all chimed in. The Washington Post, American Free Press, Newsweek and Politico have gotten in on this serious debate as well.  At a time when we are working on such unimportant issues like health care reform, unionization rule changes and trimming defense budgets to meet 21st century needs, I’m so very happy to see the fourth estate assures that the American people are aware that… President Obama wore frumpy jeans when he threw out the first pitch the other day.

I don’t think we should stay totally serious all the time, but there is just a point where I see things like this and the amount of time spent on Micheal Jackson, (not to mention the LACK of time spent on Iran) and I stop feeling sorry for the journalism industry. My apparently mistaken assumption is professional journalists are supposed to produce a better product because they spend all day working on finding real substantive stories, and then digging into them deeper than us amateurs have time to do. Then they spend that time writing about garbage like this.

Good riddance. Let the purge continue.

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