The weekend’s not even over and you’re already feeling Pride withdrawal? Well, aren’t you insatiable! Let’s see if I can come up with something reasonably exciting—and, of course, queer-friendly. If you can tide yourself over till July 20, I might have the perfect event: gay icons, a drag performance, and a campy cult classic. That’s right, it’s Sparkle Patty Sparkle! at the Castro Theatre.

The “Patty” in question is Oscar winner Patty Duke, who will be appearing in person. If that’s not gay enough for you, Bruce Vilanch will be interviewing her. For diehard “Valley of the Dolls” fans (like your humble blogger), the most exciting part of this gala will be the screening of that wonderful trainwreck of a movie—not to mention drag reenactments of some of its best moments.

A $30 ticket will get you into the show, but for $60 you get preferred seating and a chance to chat with Patty directly (hello, photo op!). Just don’t ask her to scream “Neely O’Hara!”—I’m sure she’s sick of that by now.

Community Castro Theatre Gala to Honor Patty Duke