The debate has been fast and furious recently, and Obama has struck what I think is the most appropriate tone given the circumstances.

Does part of me wish he would throw caution to the wind, back Mousavi and call the election a fraud? Sure. But that part of me would be ignoring evidence that Ahmadinejad may have won and that there’s a good chance he’ll have to deal with the current regime. So condemning the election as a fraud now would be a VERY bad move if we want to engage Iran in any sort of meaningful diplomacy down the road.

Talking Points Memo collects other opinions on the issue from yesterday…

Note that Republicans Joe Scarborough and Dick Lugar think Obama is saying exactly what a President should in this situation.

Also note Karl Rove talking about election fraud.

The irony is not lost on this blogger.

Politics To Meddle Or Not In Iranian Elections?