So says a commenter who posted this a couple of hours ago…

“We are from god and we will return to him”

Great people of Iran

It is with extreme sadness that I have learnt of the massacre of the people who had gathered peacefully to defend their rights. I am deeply concerned about these events, and hereby declare Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as national mourning days. I support the people’s pacific acts in order to defend their rights in respect of our republic, and forbid any act which can harm it.

All my brothers and sisters are bound to help the nation in this fight, and I declare any resistance, specially any violence against the people, against the principles of Islam and “Haram”.

The blogger says that he found the letter on Moussavi’s Facebook page, but I can’t find it there. Obviously the news if flying fast and furious right now, so take this with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed. However, the blogger did translate the previous letter from Montazeri, so that lend some additional credibility to the post.

Still, if this is true, it’s a pretty significant step forward from merely condemning the violence and the validity of the election. Because, this sounds like the first whispers of real revolution, especially since he’s saying this is against Islam.

Politics Grand Ayatollah Montazeri Issues Fatwa Against Regime?