We have all worked a random odd job, had an interesting story involving emotional baggage, and have had a bad idea that went horribly wrong. But none of us have probably ever considered talking about them on stage. But that’s the basic underlying concept of First Person Arts – giving us average Joes a chance to weave their stories into entertainment. The end result of their Storyslams is hours of hilarious confessions that are captured on film.

From their Mission Statement –

First Person Arts was founded in 2000 as Blue Sky by Vicki Solot, in response to the burgeoning interest in memoir and documentary art forms. Solot appreciated the resonance of real stories and recognized their value as a means of bridging cultural ethnic divides. With the involvement of a visionary board, First Person Arts set out to support the development of new memoir and documentary work and to create opportunities for it to be seen and appreciated by many. In just four years, First Person Arts has showcased the work of more than 100 artists nationwide; We have reached across cultures and communities to attract a broad and diverse audience; and have played an important role in exploring and celebrating the richness of the mixed heritage and shared history of everyday Americans.

If your interested in stepping behind the microphone and telling your own story then you have plenty of opportunities coming up. First Person Arts will be on hand June 20th at the Kimmel Centers annual Summer Solstice celebration and giving people the chance to tell their stories about The Great Outdoors. Every month they have a special slam at L’Etage (Upstairs at Beau Monde), and the next three themes are going to be “Do It Yourself”, “Against The Rules”, and “High Point”. Every month they also have First Person Salons at The Laurie Beechman Cabaret at The University of the Arts where they help people weave their stories into slam material. more information and dates are available on their website.

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Culture First Person Arts Gives Philadelphia a Unique Form Of Entertainment