What do hot sauce and Jewish mysticism have to do with each other? American alligators and Platonic love? Surely you see the overlap between the human genome and folk musician Leadbelly, right?


Well neither do the folks at the Museum of Contemporary Art. That’s sort of the point of their Mixed Taste summer lecture series, whose subtitle is “Tag Team Lectures on Unrelated Topics.” During two half-hours, two experts will discuss their specialties without referencing one another. After that hour is over, the audience may ask questions of either expert about their individual subject or any similarities they see between the two. Then everyone can retire to the museum bar for drinks.

It’s almost Dada-esque. (Things become even more surreal when you consider the first lecture, on June 5th, about “Aquatic Plants and Show Tunes” will feature Mayor John Hickenlooper.)

Culture Mixed Taste Lectures at Museum of Contemporary Art – Denver