fkrecessionPresident Gerald Ford had the WIN button – Whip Inflation Now. Had Bob Kerrey become president, would he have had a F–K The Recession poster? Apparently so, since that’s what he’s doing now.
Kerrey is now president of the New School, which includes Parsons, one of the sponsors for a contest called, yes, F–k The Recession (those two dashes are part of the title.) Some posters are already being seen around town. It is not clear exactly what this slogan is supposed to mean. Should we party on no matter? Pile up debt in defiance? Lobby for better financial regulation? It doesn’t help that their Web site is offering a steady stream of cryptic Tweets/mixed messages like “Lack of creativity and fearlessness is f–king the recession.” No matter, it was a hip t-shirt earlier this year, without the dashes. Who can question hip?
Four design students will do their part in curbing the effects of recession, for themselves anyway: A cash prize of $1,000 will be given to the four best entries.

Culture Art and the Recession, #1: F–K The Recession?