So you really, really care not only whether Kris or Adam win, but where you will see it?  

Options: Get your friends together and hang at someone’s house and drink and scream at the TV from the comfort of your own home (so not hard to pick up chips and beer and pizza on the way home, either.)  But if you want to go out, and you live in LA so you must, with the basketball game on and so important it will be kinda harder.  I suggest your local bar (they can’t turn you away, you are a local) or else call ahead to make sure the place has the contest on.  I checked Barneys and Busbys, typical viewing spots, and they may have it, people depending.

You know you could always check the results online and not have to watch them suffer and wait to hear their fates be determined (SUCH pressure!)   That’s always an option.

Plus, the after parties are the thing here in LA since the live show is over by 8pm Pacific Time.  After all, it does happen here…

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