Oh glorious cheese, how I love thee. From sharp, tangy cheddars and creamy, fresh mozarellas to chevre and blue veined soft cheeses, I love you all and I will never let a little thing like lactose intolerance separate us. And I promise, we’ll all be happy together this weekend at the 5th annual Seattle Cheese Festival.

On Saturday, May 16 from 10 am to 5 pm and on Sunday, May 17 from 10 am to 4 pm, the block between Pine and Virginia in the Pike Place Market will hold booths offering samples of around 200 different cheeses. There will be a wine garden both days from noon to 5 pm and several chef demos both days, including DeLaurenti Food & Wine chefs demonstrating how to make fresh mozarella. Yeah, I’ll be there front and center.

The exhibitor list showcases some of the finest artisinal cheese producers in the region, including Beehive Cheese Co., Black Sheep Creamery, Estrella Family Creamery, Mt. Townsend Creamery, Samish Bay Cheese and many, many more. They will not only be offering cheese samples, but they’ll give you ideas for great cheese trays, tell you how their cheeses are made and suggest food and wine pairings for cheese. Just ask. And of course, there’s plenty of cheese for sale.

“The Cheese Concourse will begin with a $1 suggested donation, with proceeds going towards the Seattle Cheese Festival Scholarship Fund… The Seattle Cheese Festival Scholarship is awarded every year to an individual seeking an education in cheesemaking or looking to enhance one’s cheesemaking skills.” If you’re interested, applications are being accepted until May 30.

If all this cheesy goodness isn’t enough to get you down to the Pike Place Market this weekend, perhaps a weather forecast of 2 days of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to high 60’s will work. Frankly, I’d go even if it was snowing. We’re talking about cheese.

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