In one of my other lives, I write fiction.

My newest story has just appeared at Stone’s Throw, an online literary magazine. Yes, this is shameless self promotion. I’m hoping some of y’all will find the time to read the issue — and maybe even read some other great literary journals as well. You’d be surprised how much literary short fiction is out there.

In fact, a recent New York Times editorial by A. O. Scott theorized that the short story might be ready for a rebound, after years and years of being considered all but dead.

The new, post-print literary media are certainly amenable to brevity. The blog post and the tweet may be ephemeral rather than lapidary, but the culture in which they thrive is fed by a craving for more narrative and a demand for pith. And just as the iPod has killed the album, so the Kindle might, in time, spur a revival of the short story. If you can buy a single song for a dollar, why wouldn’t you spend that much on a handy, compact package of character, incident and linguistic invention? Why wouldn’t you collect dozens, or hundreds, into a personal anthology, a playlist of humor, pathos, mystery and surprise?

This is, quite likely, wishful thinking. But I’d like to believe there’s still a niche for fiction of the truly fictional variety (rather than the yarns people claim as “truth” throughout the political blogosphere).

What do you think? Anyone here read short fiction? Poetry? Novels? Would you read more if they were more attainable?

Just wondering.

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